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PERCENTAGES: Likes vs. Followers

Does it matter that you have thousands of followers if only a small percentage of them like your posts?

This question was posed to us by Melanie of Bellegram, whose collective Instagram account, bellegramshop, is a must-follow. Says Melanie: “People make such a big deal about a number of followers. But maybe the happiness of those followers, big or small, is what actually matters.”

We like the way Melanie thinks. Instead of going on hashtag tangents in order to lure more followers to your IG account, what if you focused on posting photos that are beautiful or funny or strange but above all meaningful to you? If your followers are truly people you know and like, then it’s pretty likely that a larger percentage of them will like your photos. But how do you figure out what percentage of your followers likes your posts?

By doing some math, natch.

Q: What percentage of my followers likes this photo of my cat/face/milkshake?

A: To demonstrate how to calculate this for yourself, we’ll use one of today’s posts from Cara Delevingne, a highly followed IG user. As of writing this article, Cara’s photo of her and Kate Moss had gained 87,499 likes in 4 hours:

PERCENTAGES: Likes vs. Followers

That’s impressive. But is it still impressive when you compare it to Cara’s 2,552,190 followers? Let’s find out.

Check out our equation below. In math, the words “what percentage” are expressed as a fraction, where “x” (the “what”) is the numerator, and 100 is the denominator. The word “of” means multiplication, or “times,” and the word “is” means “equals.” Knowing this, we were able to take our original question and swiftly translate it into a math equation:

PERCENTAGES: Likes vs. Followers

We then divided both sides by 2,522,190, which left us with a proportion. By cross-multiplying and then dividing both sides by 2,522,190 again in order to get x alone, we got an answer of 3.43%.

Amazingly, Cara’s 87,499 likes represent less than 4 percent of her followers. Kind of gives a new perspective doesn’t it?

So, the next time you’re looking longingly at your friend’s photo and feeling jealous of how many likes she got, maybe try cranking out a little percentage problem. The answer might surprise you. And then, log out of Instagram, call your friend, and ask her to hang out. Because there’s a 100% chance that will probably make you both the happiest.

What’s more important to you: having more followers and less likes, or less followers and more likes? We’re dying to know. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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