11 Betties is an online math resource for and by fierce young females.

Recent studies have shown that we perform just as well in math as our male counterparts. Yet astonishingly, math is still widely associated with boys. The belief that guys have the gift of math and we don’t is not only outdated, it’s wrong (take our word for it, or here’s a long awesome essay why).

It’s not that Barbie’s not smart. The way that girl applies her eyeshadow proves she’s got an inherent knack for geometry. She probably just heard a lot of stuff that isn’t true.

It’s not OK for our teachers or clothing stores to tell us what we can and can’t do. So we’ve decided that it’s time for us to take over. 11 Betties is a place for us to ask questions, share stories, and do stuff. It’s where we can figure out where math fits in our lives so that we can make it our own. And where the math lies in stuff we’re crazy about. As we learn and grow, we know that the answers might change. And that’s good. Because 11 Betties is a project. A work in progress. It’s messy and complex and that’s what it should be because that’s what we are.

Our lives are bursting with pop culture and vintage clothes and hashtags and guys and art and music and cats and our bodies acting trippy and love and madness and math is just going to have to get comfy smack in the middle of that beautiful cacophony.

So sharpen your pencils, ladies. We’ve got some problems to solve.

143, Bettie