Meet Cate

OG Bettie + Creative Director: Cate Campbell

Meet Cate
highlighter pink.

Hellooo! I’m Cate. I started 11 Betties because I got tired of two things:

1. People thinking it’s strange that I really like math. The reasons (either mentioned or inferred) why people think this is strange are: a) I don’t wear glasses (I really wish I did and you will often see me wearing fake ones), b) I appear to have “social skills” (eh, on a good day) and c) I’m a girl. When people find out I’m an actress who likes math, they suddenly look at me like I’m some kind of odd, nature-defying specimen floating in a petri dish.

2. Math being talked about in ways that just really don’t have anything to do with my life, or probably yours.

I love the number 11 because it has this beautiful symmetry in a world of chaos. I’m one of those people who makes a wish if I’m looking at my phone and it happens to be 11:11. It always feels a little magical to me that out of the approximately 1,020 minutes that I am awake each day, I sometimes catch one of the two times when four ones align.

I didn’t always like math. The truth is that I have shed a lot of tears over math in my life. I will do everything in my power to prevent this from happening to you. Unless you have a mathematical discovery that’s so beautiful and perfect that it makes you cry. If this happens, please email me immediately so that I can cry with you.

I have been teaching math for a long time and I still can’t draw a straight line. And I’m actually really OK with that.

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