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That’s right.  You + Me = Us. Calculus. We’re like basic counting games without you.

We welcome your ideas! Have an idea for a feature that you’d like to see? A topic that you want to see more stuff about? Images or faces or celebrities or bands or crushes that you want on here? Did you have a revelation about a certain math concept that you are dying to share? A video request? A video you made that you want to share? We want to hear and see it all! Send us a piece of your article or your idea with your name and locale, though no exact addresses (“There are stalkers on the Internet!” according to our mom). If we think it’s a fit, we’ll hit you up for > than that amount.

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Sometimes we want to feature you in specific ways! We have features like Study Space and Unzipped that we would looooove to feature you in. If you would like to submit your stuff to be featured, please email us at the above address ([email protected]), but write the TITLE of the specific article in which you’d like to be featured in the SUBJECT LINE.


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So easy. Awesome.

We welcome your questions! If you’re stuck on a math concept, theorem, equation, or effing Problem #34 on page 239, we’re here for you! Word problems giving you a rough time? Parabolas acting cray? Lines running amuck? We’ll do our best to answer your questions. Btw, why isn’t “amuck” used more often?

Email: [email protected] (That’s What The Fraction, if your mom is reading this. Or if our mom is reading this.)

TTYS, Bettie