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BEATS: Betty Who

Hi guys, it’s Cate.

11 Betties has never done a weekend post, but: sometimes you are home on a Friday night cleaning your shower, and a song comes on your Spotify playlist that makes you believe in love, dance with your mop, and sing into your cylinder of Comet.

BEATS: Betty Who

With a new lease on life that happened in exactly 3 minutes and 37 seconds, you log on to YouTube, find the video for said song, and oh man — it makes you cry for some inexplicable reason. (The joy? The reckless abandonment? The leg warmers?) And you swiftly decide that, even in this age of free music, you’re gonna throw down some money to buy this song because the creator of this musical heaven deserves to get paid for her brilliance. So you venture over to iTunes and WHAT?!?!?! Without anyone tipping you off, you discover that this very song is the FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE WEEK. And you realize that you can’t go on living as an upstanding individual unless you immediately tell all of your friends.

This is what happened to me with Betty Who: Somebody Loves You.

My math quandary of the night is: HOW does this video, which has been on YouTube for a year, have less than a million views??? I’m sure it will by the time you’re reading this.

I love Betty Who. I love that she’s 6’2″ (and owns it). I love that she’s not a pencil (and owns it). I love that she looks like she’s having the time of her life (and… owns it). I love that this song captures how I feel about the one I love. And I love that it makes me feel like I’m in Pretty and Pink.

BEATS: Betty Who

I also love this: Betty Who’s story of “How I Lost My Cello and Found My Voice.” She describes her creative process as “living in a perpetual state of overwhelm and trying to cope” (sound familiar?), talks about how we’re all storytellers, and that love is really all there is.

So go get that single. It’s free! And here’s BW’s twitter (she RTs!) and IG so we can all follow her killer moves together.

Ok, back to scrubbing dancing.

143, C.