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BASICS: Be Square

There are certain things in life you should just have committed to memory: your phone number, your mom’s birthday, the lyrics to I Will Survive, your squares up to 20.

Knowing your squares by heart will save you a ton of time when you’re square-rooting perfect squares and not-so-perfect squares, solving the Pythagorean Theorem, graphing parabolas, and more. When you’re working on a tougher skill, having the basic ones down will make things that much easier on you. And don’t you like when things are easy?

If you don’t know your squares up to 20, don’t sweat. We’ve included them below, and created a nifty worksheet for you to drill ‘em. Print out ours, make your own, or just rip out a piece of notebook paper and get to work. Before you begin, turn on some motivating tunes. We’re loving the new HAIM album.


1²= 1

2²= 4

3²= 9

4²= 16

5²= 25

6²= 36

7²= 49

8²= 64

9²= 81

10²= 100

11²= 121

12²= 144

13²= 169

14²= 196

15²= 225

16²= 256

17²= 289

18²= 324

19²= 361

20²= 400

And if you missed the link above, here’s our snazzy practice page: Be Square Worksheet

We love it when you’re square, The Bs.