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PERSPECTIVE: Making the Big Things Little

405 years ago, the Dutch States-General examined a patent application for “a device to observe things at a distance” — the beginnings of the telescope. It seems fitting that the anniversary of that is this week, because lately I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective. It started on Monday when […]



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BASICS: Be Square

There are certain things in life you should just have committed to memory: your phone number, your mom’s birthday, the lyrics to I Will Survive, your squares up to 20. Knowing your squares by heart will save you a ton of time when you’re square-rooting perfect squares and not-so-perfect squares, […]



PEMDAS: Die, Sally, Die

PEMDAS: Die, Sally, Die

We here at 11 Betties have one burning question: Who the eff is Aunt Sally? You know, THE Aunt Sally, of PEMDAS fame. The Aunt Sally who will. not. die. What’s PEMDAS? Quickie review: PEMDAS is an age-old acronym created by SMOG (Some Mathematical Old Guy) to help remind MOATs (Mathematicians […]



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TOTAL BETTIE: Meet Sophie, a.k.a. Intern Extraordinaire

TOTAL BETTIE: Meet Sophie, a.k.a. Intern Extraordinaire

There’s a new Bettie on our block, and her name is Sophie. If Sophie’s fiery red hair wasn’t captivating enough, she’s got the kind of intelligence, magnetism, and joie de vivre that makes you wanna hang out with her all the time. When she’s not studying for AP Bio and […]

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BEATS: Betty Who

BEATS: Betty Who

Hi guys, it’s Cate. 11 Betties has never done a weekend post, but: sometimes you are home on a Friday night cleaning your shower, and a song comes on your Spotify playlist that makes you believe in love, dance with your mop, and sing into your cylinder of Comet. With a […]

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WHY TODAY ROCKS: It’s National Girl Day

WHY TODAY ROCKS: It’s National Girl Day

Are you a girl? Awesome. Then today celebrates you. TBH every day celebrates you. But today a group of awesome people have come together to get ladies excited about engineering. Check out the vid below and spread the word. And then find the nearest mirror and gaze at your killer […]

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MATH IS ART: Logarrhythmia by Claire DePalma

Logarrhythmia by Claire DePalma Check myself. One step at a time. Go about the day. Two steps between the sidewalk panes, then every fourth, alternately fifth panel of cement, it’s crack and my Mom is in a spinal cast. Two steps, two steps, two steps, two steps, (two steps), crack. It’s […]

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ESCAPISM: Math is Beautiful

ESCAPISM: Math is Beautiful

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. (From the geniuses at Happy Friday, B.

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#ROUNDUP: Mathy Tweets We

#ROUNDUP: Mathy Tweets We <3

#wordplay geometry geomecry geomewhy geomebye — Diamond White (@Diamondkwhite) January 17, 2014   #NicholasCage I can’t tell if this is funny or sad. #mathclass — melanie / meierotto (@smelanie_ann) May 16, 2013 #greaterthan Needles in ur eyes > Long distance relationships. — Arden Rose (@ardenrose186) January 23, 2014 #transitiveproperty […]

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EGO BOOST: The Cat’s Meow

EGO BOOST: The Cat’s Meow

You’re the cat’s meow. You’re the bee’s knees. You’re the tops. Baby, you’re the best. Last night we ended our first fundraising campaign with hundreds of supporters and thousands of dollars. Because of you, we’ve covered our startup costs and can now continue to get this ball of mathematical yarn […]

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Smart, savvy HuffPost Teen blogger Morgan Levy shows us what’s in her bag in this month’s Unzipped! Hi guys! I’m Morgan, and I am a high school junior. I am super obsessed with organization, especially my school supplies, so I thought I would give you a look inside my pencil […]

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DONATE NOW: 11 Reasons Why It Really, Really Matters

DONATE NOW: 11 Reasons Why It Really, Really Matters

We have less than a month left to make our first Indiegogo campaign a smashing success with your help. We could write 111,111 reasons why we need your spare change to make this thing work. But here are just 11 (natch). 1. It’s lonely out here.  The amount of mathematical resources that […]

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OG BETTIE: Grace Hopper

OG BETTIE: Grace Hopper

It’s a pretty exciting day in the STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics) world. 107 years ago, a super OG Bettie named Grace Hopper was born. Google’s celebrating her birth with this adorbs gif on their homepage: According to this great LA Times Article, “Amazing Grace” boasted a […]

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BEHIND THE DESK: Crash Etiquette

STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING AND READ THIS.  Ever wonder how to get on your teacher’s good side? Guys, it’s not that hard. Most of it’s common sense. Here at 11 Betties, we believe that being people smart is just as important as being book smart. Since teachers are people (this […]

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POWER: Betties + Math + You = Love

POWER: Betties + Math + You = Love

We’d like to take a little moment from our regularly scheduled broadcast for a message to our sponsor: you. Thanks to Ava, Isabelle, Sabrina, Emma, Claire, and Emily for being such smart and candid Betties! Our Indiegogo campaign is live, and we’re raising funds to make this beautiful math baby grow. […]

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